Iron Bridge – Take a Photo and See the Town of Telford

Photo of the Iron bridge and River Severn

The spectacular Iron Bridge crosses the River Severn on the south side of Shropshire, and is located inside the spectacular Iron Bridge Gorge on the east side of the town of Telford. It opened in 17 81 and is still one of the longest and best known bridges in England. Overlooked by the Severn River, and only ten miles from central London, the Iron Bridge was an important transportation route for citizens of Shropshire. The location and proximity to major towns, and the fact that it crossed the River Irwell, meant that it was vital to the economy of Shropshire, and was often a place where royalty kept residence. Queen Elizabeth also used the Iron Bridge as her main route into and out of the capital, and it was one of the reasons that she retained it as part of her household regalia.

Iron Bridge crosses the River Severn on the south side of Shropshire

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Today, the iron bridge links the town of Telford to its historic center and the market town of Darby. On the other side of the river is the Peak District National Park. The Iron Bridge is also associated with football; in fact, it hosted a cup final between two of the biggest names in British football, when Hawthorn thrashed West Bromwich in last year’s FA Cup final. The impressive iron bridge is also an important location for hikers and runners. Many find that it is the perfect spot for a great walk. If you are looking for somewhere to jog or run, then there is little that can compare with the scenery that can be found on the banks of the river at the top of the Iron Bridge.

Walking over the River Severn

Of course, there is much more to the Iron Bridge than just its important historical past. For those interested in the history of telford, it may be worthwhile to take a stroll across the bridge, which stretches for three miles across the River Severn. On the opposite bank is the stunning Carlingford Gorge, which is the perfect backdrop for many exciting adventures. Walking along the beautiful Victorian terrace and through the narrow passage that crisscrosses the gorge, you can get a good view of the river, the railway line that crisscrosses the gorge, and the town center.

In 1840, Thomas Henry sighted the location while inspecting the iron ore deposits in the market town of Telford, and described it as “the beautiful valley of Mont St.-Michel.” According to the legend, the French king Louis Napoleon Bonaparte asked Henry for permission to explore the mines, which he did, only to be killed in the process. In reality, the mines are said to have yielded a massive amount of iron ore, which is believed to have contributed to the industrial revolution in England. The story is one of history’s most curious tales.

Today, you can visit some of the iron bridge tours that the telford district offers, including a tramway ride that takes you on a journey across the gorge, a walking tour, and a guided tour through the iron bridge. There are many beautiful historical buildings and monuments in this beautiful town, including the famous Jackfield House, which is now a National Trust Museum. You will also find many fine restaurants and cafes, as well as charming little shops that offer items to take home. There is also a lot of history in the area, so if you are interested in learning more about it, there are many fascinating places to read about it in various reference books.

2021 Voted as a top UK tourist attraction

A number of companies offer Iron Bridge photo opportunities, so you can bring your camera along on your visit to this fascinating site. The impressive iron bridge, which spans the mighty river severn, was chosen as the UK’s most popular tourist attraction for 2021,

In the UNESCO World Heritage Site was rated sixth in the top 60 UK towns and villages to visit in a Which? magazine poll.

The destination scored 86, just four percentage points off the top slot – with four-star ratings for the beauty of the landscape, its appealing environment and its peace and tranquillity.

The gorge along the River Severn is home to English Heritage’s Iron Bridge and the 52-acre Blists Hill Victorian Town as well as outdoor, artisan and adventure attractions.

Whatever your interest, there is a reason why this popular tourist destination in the county of Shropshire is such a popular location for photographers!