GREAT Britain World Cup star Ben Barker has declared himself fit to ride in Telford’s Ice Speedway this Sunday.

Barker, who will ride for Birmingham in the Elite League this season along with Plymouth at Premier League level, has won his battle against time after spending Christmas in hospital with complications from a leg injury.

Now he will take his place for the England side against Rest of the World at Telford Ice Rink in the afternoon session and then race in the British Open at 7.30pm.

He said: “We’re ready to rock and roll, I feel great and I just can’t wait to get back on the bike.

“I was never worried too much because I always had time on my side and about a month ago I started walking normally again which gave me hope.

“But I quickly went from being 50/50 for Telford to very confident and now, leading up to the event, I’m buzzing about it.

“I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t feel totally comfortable and confident about it. I feel strong enough and there is no reason why I can’t go to Telford and do well.

“If there was any doubt about it and I felt there was a risk of aggravating things for the start of Birmingham’s season then I wouldn’t be doing it, but things are looking a lot better for me.”

Barker’s Birmingham team-mate Martin Smolinski will also be in action at Telford, which will see the bikes in action for the last time before redevelopment work at the rink.

Tickets are still available for both sessions and there will also be cash turnstiles available on the day.