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Hexagon Telford Tigers vs Sheffield Steeldogs

Despite a disastrous start to the season, the Sheffield Steeldogs finished the season strongly with wins over Hull Pirates and Peterborough Phantoms. They then won the National Cup and qualified for the final four weekend in Coventry.

They have a better head to head record than Telford. They have won five straight games and only lost to the Tigers in January.

Steeldogs won four of their next five league games to climb into the top five. They played two matches against Hull. One of them went to overtime.

On Sunday, the Tigers had a chance to win their first league title since 2011. They had a three-game winning streak. They were also only one point behind the Dogs. They needed to win the second game to take the league.

They managed to get the draw they needed but failed to find the equaliser with an extra skater. Scott McKenzie could be suspended for the second weekend. He received a two-minute penalty for a fight.

Hexagon Telford Tigers vs Altrincham Aces

During the early years, the Aces played in a regional structure of hockey. Their first appearance on the British ice hockey scene was on February 4th 1961, when they were based at Altrincham Ice Dome. The team was composed of local players and imports. They formed a semi-professional team.

During their history, the team played against Scottish opposition, starred Canadians, and even added Swiss flavour to their team. The Aces were instrumental in the formation of the English National League. They were a team that played hard, and backed it up with skill and tactics. They won their first Southern League title in 1972-1973, and finished as runners-up to the Sussex Senators in 1970.

The Aces were a semi-professional ice hockey team, based at the Altrincham Ice Dome. They played in a number of leagues and challenge matches, and were a member of the Northern League. They also had an affiliation with the Manchester Storm. The team was managed by Keith Purvis and Graham Nurse.

Hexagon Telford Tigers vs Covid

Despite losing the first leg, the Tigers came into the game with confidence. They were coming off a NIHL National Cup victory over Peterborough Phantoms and knew that a single point would mean they had won the league with two games to go. They scored an early goal from Scott McKenzie, but were unable to find another.

After the first period, it looked as though the Tigers could have done better. But the game was won by the Raiders after the second period. In the third, the Tigers were unable to get the winning goal. The Raiders got their third goal from Jake Pitchley with three minutes to go. The fans started to chant 'champions' as the game went into the last few minutes. The Tigers, however, sealed the win with a goal from Andy McKinney in the final thirty seconds of the game.

Telford Tigers will have a party at the Ice Rink in Sunday to celebrate their win. They have also launched a campaign to tackle litter in their local areas.

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