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Exterior of Ironbridge The opposite aspect of Ironbridge is Telford the colourful hopeful “New City,” named for its well-known engineer Thomas Telford. Telford is the right place for purchasing and leisure actions which embrace bowling movie, cinema, indoor snowboarding and snowboarding, in addition to light play. Telford is a good Shropshire vacation spot for wet day, particularly if have children.

Telford is a thriving city situated within the Borough of Telford in addition to Wrekin and the ceremonial county of Shropshire, England, about 15 miles east of Shrewsbury 21 miles to the south west of Stafford 19 miles to the north west of Wolverhampton, and 28 miles away from Birmingham in the identical path.

Telford, new city and concrete space (from 2011 developed zone), Telford and Wrekin unitary authority geographic and historic county of Shropshire west England. It lies north and east of the hill of Wrekin The hill has an altitude of 1 335 ft (407 meters).

Dawley situated in Telford is an official city in 1963 to attract off inhabitants and business out of the city of Birmingham and from the neighboring industrial zone, recognized (as a result of the contaminated surroundings) within the Black Nation. In 1968, the territory of the city was expanded and town’s official title was modified Telford Town’s fast development in development in factories and housing modified the panorama.

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