Assist For Those in Want at Telford Theatre

This scheme will enable you to assist an individual with a disability to access services and enjoy life.

This scheme is designed to help you navigate through the services available to you, and it is run by the Telford and Wrekin Partnership, which aims to promote emotional and physical well-being amongst individuals, families and communities. It also aims to ensure that you are able to maximise your choice and control over the care you receive.

The Telford & Wrekin Council Emergency Welfare Crisis Assistance scheme is designed to help you in times of financial distress, as you try to deal with a crisis. You will be able to apply for this help by visiting the Wrekin Housing Trust shop or the Telford Citizens Advice Bureau. You will also be able to get food parcels to help you until your next payment. If you are interested in applying for this assistance, you will need to complete an application form and provide details of your disability.

The SEND team at Telford College will also be able to give you information about other options you may be eligible for. This can be particularly helpful if you are looking for information on how to obtain a job, or if you want to find work. You will also be able to obtain impartial, confidential advice about career opportunities and other training and employment schemes.

If you are a young person in Telford, you may be eligible for FutureFocus, a free service that offers impartial and confidential career guidance. It can help you overcome the barriers that you face when trying to learn, find work or train. The service can be particularly beneficial for those with special educational needs or disabilities, or those who face barriers to employment.

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